Caricature Resolution

January is Caricature Resolution Month. Caricaturists from across the globe are given a list of celebrities to draw each day of the month. It’s an exercise in creativity and a time to appreciate and explore everyone’s unique style of drawing. This has been my first year to take part in Caricature Resolution; last spring famed...

Find Your Porpoise

Bill Please Write something here about this art work. [tcb_woo_shop limit=’8′ columns=’4′ orderby=’date’ order=’desc’ paginate=’1′ cache=’false’ hide-result-count=’1′ hide-catalog-ordering=’1′ hide-sale-flash=’0′ hide-title=’0′ hide-price=’0′ hide-rating=’0′ hide-cart=’0′ hide-pagination=’1′ ids=” category=” cat_operator=’in’ taxonomy=” terms=” terms_operator=’in’ tag=’46’ tag_operator=’in’ align-items=’center’]

Colorful birds go zip-lining at summer camp


I’m Bill Beard, a cartoonist and illustrator residing in West Central Illinois. I’ve been cartooning since I was a kid, and have illustrated a weekly editorial cartoon for my hometown newspaper for over 30 years! I’ve amassed a large collection of drawings, comics, cartoons and everything in between! Soon, I will make my artwork available...

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